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Greener living - The District Heating System

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The Rise will be an efficient low carbon community, benefitting from heating and hot water supplies from a district heating network provided by EON who are delighted to be part of the development.

Warm, affordable living

Homes at The Rise will get their heating and hot water from a district heating system, also known as community energy, run by E.ON. So, if you decide to move into a new home here you’ll enjoy the following benefits;

  • Lower carbon emissions than with gas, oil or electricity. 
  • No-hassle servicing and maintenance – it’s all taken care of.
  • Specialist support, available 24/7, 365 days in emergencies.
  • Remote meter readings, so you don’t need to read your meter.
  • The convenience of paperless billing and paying by Direct Debit.

What is district heating?

It’s like a shared boiler supplying the whole development. If you choose to move into a home here you’ll get heating and hot water on demand and just pay for what you use.

How does district heating work?

E.ON produces heat in a local energy centre and pipes it to everyone who lives on the development. It goes through a Heat Interface Unit (HIU) in each home, giving residents heat for their radiators, under floor heating (where installed) and hot water.

The HIU replaces a traditional gas boiler and is easy to operate. You simply set a programmer with times for the heating to come on and go off. And, hot water is always ready to use.

At The Rise, the energy centre will be located on the south side of the development on Whitehouse Road.

For more information please go to eonenergy.com/heatwelcome

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