• 1367 The West Wood
    The West Wood

  • 1831 The Chain Bridge
    The Chain Bridge

  • 1839 The Railway
    The Railway

  • Lord Armstrong
    Elswick Works

  • 1862 The Blaydon Races Song
    The Blaydon Races Song

  • 1884 Elswick Shipyard
    Elswick Shipyard

  • 1896 The ‘Crooked Billet’
    The ‘Crooked Billet’

  • 1925 The Montagu View Pit Disaster
    The Montagu View Pit Disaster

  • 1927 Vickers-Armstrong Ltd
    Vickers-Armstrong Ltd

  • 1967 Scotswood Bridge
    Scotswood Bridge

  • 2013 A bright future for Scotswood…
    A bright future for Scotswood…


Following the Roman occupation, the area which is now known as Scotswood was a rural riverbank setting with a small number of agricultural smallholdings – a way of life that endured for over a millennium.

By the Thirteenth Century the medieval manor of Benwell had been subdivided into three parts, the largest of which belonged to the Scot family - wealthy merchants from Newcastle – who created a deer park that later became known as Scotswood. 

During the industrial revolution Scotswood changed dramatically and in the mid 1800s thousands of homes were built for those working in these new industries – principally the huge Vickers Armstrong (formerly Vickers Whitworth) military engineering group, as well as local shipyards and collieries.

Events such as the 1925 Montagu pit disaster - which claimed 38 lives - and the Blaydon Races - the subject of Geordie Ridley’s famous music hall song – mean the area’s working class heritage are well documented.

Not surprisingly, the decline of heavy industry meant Scotswood’s economy and inhabitants have faced some challenging times but now, as the old terraced houses have been cleared away to provide space for a far more diverse community to grow and thrive, the future once again looks bright.