• 1367 The West Wood
    The West Wood

  • 1831 The Chain Bridge
    The Chain Bridge

  • 1839 The Railway
    The Railway

  • Lord Armstrong
    Elswick Works

  • 1862 The Blaydon Races Song
    The Blaydon Races Song

  • 1884 Elswick Shipyard
    Elswick Shipyard

  • 1896 The ‘Crooked Billet’
    The ‘Crooked Billet’

  • 1925 The Montagu View Pit Disaster
    The Montagu View Pit Disaster

  • 1927 Vickers-Armstrong Ltd
    Vickers-Armstrong Ltd

  • 1967 Scotswood Bridge
    Scotswood Bridge

  • 2013 A bright future for Scotswood…
    A bright future for Scotswood…

1831 The Chain Bridge

The first bridge across the river at this location was the Old Scotswood Bridge, or ’The Chain Bridge’ as it was known locally, which was built to link the Gateshead - Hexham turnpike road with the north bank of the Tyne.

This was a suspension bridge with two stone towers, from which the road deck was suspended by chains. It was passed by parliament in 1829 and construction began that year. When it was opened on 16 April 1831 it was the first bridge over the River Tyne to be opened during Tyneside's industrial era.

In 1883, Newcastle engineer WG Laws discovered serious rusting. He declared that for safety reasons the number of people on the bridge at any one time should be reduced to 3000!

The bridge eventually proved too narrow for the traffic it needed to carry and its increasing repair costs proved too much. After standing for 136 years, it was closed and demolished in 1967 after its replacement the ‘new’ Scotswood Bridge had been completed.