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Excelsior’s top achievers on The Rise

High flying students from the west end of Newcastle had the chance to see what all of their hard work could achieve through a visit to a new housing scheme.

The aim of the trip - by young people from Excelsior Academy - was to explore the costs involved in running a home and to highlight that it may actually be more affordable than they initially thought.

And with GCSE exams just around the corner, seeing the new properties at The Rise in Scotswood brought into focus the lifestyle choices that good qualifications and employment opportunities can deliver.

Aaron Hutchinson, 16 said: “The houses look great and I thought that they would be far more expensive. I could definitely see myself living here.”

Courtney Shoulder, 15 added: “I especially liked the house with the outdoor terrace. They are really nice homes.”

The session was organised by Claire Scott from the New Tyne West Development Company (NTWDC) - a private/public partnership comprising Newcastle City Council, Barratt Homes and Keepmoat Homes - with support by the sales teams from both housebuilders.

She said: “This was the second session we have arranged with Excelsior and it was great to talk with the young people and answer their questions.

“It was great to be able to demonstrate just how affordable owning a new property is and to hopefully raise aspirations by showing what is available now and what will be available for them to consider in the future.”

NTWDC will deliver up to 1,800 new affordable homes in Scotswood over the next 15-18 years.

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